Solar CRM Software and Marketing

Web Proposals

Generate visually stunning web proposals that offer precise information on potential savings from installing solar panels, along with detailed payback time estimates. Empower your customers with an interactive simulation tool, allowing them to explore various configurations, add panels or storage options, choose a loan plan, seamlessly sign the contract and pay a deposit.

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Referral programs

Grow your business organically by implementing and automating your referral program. Say goodbye to expensive Ad fees and watch your business grow on autopilot. By leveraging the power of satisfied customers, you can build a loyal customer base, start harnessing the potential of word-of-mouth marketing and see sustainable, long-term growth.

Customers Satisfaction Surveys

EosFlow empowers you to keep customers informed at every stage of the installation process and gather valuable feedback through surveys. By proactively engaging with customers, you can mitigate negative reviews and amplify positive ones, while also simplifying the process for customers to leave feedback through provided links. 

Email Marketing

Easily manage entire campaigns, from capturing leads via targeted Facebook Ads and Google Ads to coordinating impactful mail campaigns. Leads are automatically Sync for prompt follow-up.

Efficiently manage bulk email communications by sending tailored messages to customers and prospects. Nurture potential leads and upsell new products or services to existing customers. Build strong relationships and drive business growth with effective email strategies.

Live chat with Video Call

EosFlow features live chat capabilities, a customizable chatbot, and seamless integration with video calling.

By providing immediate support to website visitors seeking quotes, EosFlow can boost conversion rates by over 30%.

No software installation is required for customers to participate in video calls, offering them the possibility of effective and persuasive communication by instantly sharing your video.

Customer Portal

Customers can have access to a reserved area where they can find all the documentation related to their system.

As for MCS and SEAI installer certification compliance, all the installer handover pack is included. Customer will have access to invoice copy, warranty details, maintenance requirement, manuals, test results.

Leads Management 

Elevate your lead management strategy with our centralized system. Empower your sales team by allowing manual entry, generate leads from your website, chat, social media campaigns, and trade shows—all in one place.

Efficiently distribute leads among your sales team using customizable criteria based on territory or job role.

Sales Pipeline and Forecasting

Review and optimize your sales team's opportunities with the Pipeline management module, then generate an accurate forecast to drive informed decision-making. Elevate your sales strategy by gaining insights into potential opportunities and ensuring a proactive approach to achieving your business goals.

Calendar and appointments

Streamline the management of door-to-door and Inside Sales Reps by implementing an efficient organizational system. The Sales assistant can review and confirm appointments on behalf of the Sales Reps, ensuring a smooth scheduling process.The calendar offers synchronization compatibility with Gmail or Outlook.