Solar Project Management

Streamline Field Operations and Enhance Project Oversight

The Project Management module introduces an advanced and instantaneous solution for overseeing your projects, installations, and service appointments. This dynamic dashboard offers complete adaptability, empowering your team to personalize project cards, phases, and key data fields effortlessly.

Develop project templates, establish consistent workflows, and set predefined timelines.

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Mobile App 

Field installers experience seamless organization of their activities and tasks through our Mobile App. Gain instant access to site documents and project details, allowing for real-time progress updates and automatic notifications to customers and management via email or SMS regarding schedule changes. 

Efficiently plan and manage the tasks of your employees or contractors.

Automated Task Management

Automatically generate a project with related tasks upon closing a won proposal.

Assign tasks to your team, transition the project between stages, and automatically generate new tasks for the next stage.

Improve customer satisfaction, keep your customers informed, send them automatic updates regarding the progress of their application with the Distribution Network Operator and the various phases of the installation. 

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Revolutionize project management and boost profitability with our sleek Timesheet App for installers. Effortlessly log hours, track projects, and bill contractors seamlessly. Gain real-time insights into costs and profitability. Take control of your project finances.