Lead Capture with PV Design

Google Solar integration

EosFlow PV Design is integrated with Google Solar API. We have data about the Roof Solar production capacity of over 320 Million buildings across 40 countries.

We just need the customer Address to create a quotation in less than 2 minutes. Google Solar provide information about measurement of the roof, the pitch, including a digital surface model, an aerial image, annual and monthly flux maps, and hourly shade.

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Lead captures and Website Builder

EosFlow  integrates a user-friendly website builder module, enabling individuals of all technical levels to craft captivating websites and design their lead capture landing pages.

Generated leads seamlessly integrate with the CRM, ensuring prompt follow-up by the sales team. Moreover, EosFlow provides the option to connect the lead capture page directly to your current website, eliminating the need for reconstruction.

Qualify leads 24/7

Gather information from your potential customers, qualify leads and prioritise them. Personalize the decision tree independently, change icons, make new questions, build multiple flows for the PV solar, Batteries, EV Chargers and Heat Pumps. With the PV Solar, let the customers design the PV Panels on their house and capture all the details.

Self-generating proposals

You can empower customers to use a free energy calculator tool and allow them to self-generate saving with financial projections. They simply provide their address and daily consumption habits. Before to show the results, you ask for their contact details. 

PV Design for your customers

Customers are empowered to utilize a user-friendly PV design system seamlessly integrated with the CRM. They have the flexibility to choose the precise location and quantity of panels on their roof.

In the final step, the system generates an interactive web proposal. Customers can further customize their experience by simulating battery integration or exploring various financing options.

Saving estimation

Deliver precise information regarding cost savings to your customers. Empower potential clients to simulate scenarios, adjusting panel quantities, and incorporating batteries as needed.

Furnishing such detailed estimates can significantly boost your business's success rate by up to 30%.