Human Resource


Effortlessly maintain employee records, oversee contracts, monitor time-off requests, track assigned equipment, manage expenses, and streamline lunch orders for comprehensive and efficient workforce management.

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Enhance your recruitment process with streamlined efficiency. Easily oversee all job postings, applicants, and scheduled activities. Utilize a user-friendly click-and-drag interface to effortlessly manage applicant progress through the pipeline.

Fleet Management

Efficiently oversee your fleet of vans and company cars. Track and analyze expenses for each vehicle, including recurring costs associated with leasing, service contracts, fuel, and repairs, providing comprehensive financial insight into your fleet management.

eLearning platform

Offer comprehensive onboarding training for new employees to ensure that Sales Representatives acquire essential skills. Incorporate quizzes and reward top achievers to motivate and recognize excellence.

Additionally, extend these training courses to your customers to educate them on system usage and maximize their experience with your products.